Flora and Fauna

Numerous studies in the range of environments within the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie area, Hunter Valley, Sydney Basin, Western Division and the north coast of NSW have been carried out with the primary objective of identifying native flora and fauna and their habitat, and the significance of this habitat in a local and regional context.

These studies have included all protected and threatened species of birds, mammals (including bats), reptiles and frogs. Specific research programs for threatened species include Squirrel Glider, Spotted-tail Quoll and large forest owls (Masked and Powerful Owl).

Typically Flora and Fauna studies include:

  • Long term long wildlife monitoring
  • Establishment and monitoring of procedures, and formulation of amelioration measures for the maintenance and enhancement of habitat for protected and threatened fauna species
  • Species impact assessments
  • Statement of environmental effects
  • Research into the effectiveness of wildlife habitat rehabilitation and restoration
  • Compilation of threatened species database and mapping of threatened species distribution
  • Determination of habitat requirements for threatened species
  • GIS habitat and vegetation mapping and assessment of population viability for threatened species

The results of Flora and Fauna stuides are maintained and published on NSW Bionet - which contains a searchable map showing records of flora and fauna sightings held in the Atlas of NSW Wildlife.

There is also an excellent Flickr archive here